Our NE Page

Nebraska now has its unique area on our site.

The category of this latest page is NE Contractors and it has some good info for homeowners and just how they might meet up with an experienced investigator in their suburb.

A visitor to the page can find out about the typical storm-related damage review process, what they could anticipate with working with a local contractor, and also get the names of a few popular companies working in their suburb.

The ordinary asphalt shingle roof can resist many years of snow, rain and intense sun, but a extreme storm could harm it to the point where it will no longer be counted on to hold rain and other elements out. At that time it needs to be fixed or totally replaced.

It is in your best interest to learn if your house has any damage that could be associated with a a major storm. It won’t cost anything to find out. An experienced roofing inspector will take a look at your house at no charge.

Also, we will enjoy browsing any reports or feedback you might be willing to deliver to us regarding a home exterior company you engaged to do a construction project previously. Your guidance or commentary may help out those homeowners who are just starting the process now. Thanks.